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Luisa Verling
Princess Cut Diamond Ring Side View


Engagement Ring Design

Luisa redesigned my engagement ring – The result is perfection.
To me an engagement ring is something very precious, personal, something to wear for your lifetime and that will hopefully be passed down to others. It marks a beautiful moment in life of commitment and love. My best advice is take your time…. I didtn’t. I rushed it and bought mine caught in the moment while on holiday. It was made within 3hrs.
That said it was all meant to be really, as I’m not sure I ever would have found a ring that is as perfect as what Luisa re-created for me. My ring really does have a very ‘Me’ story behind it now.
Since my ring was created in 3hrs it just really wasn’t crafted correctly. The attention to detail wasn’t there and there was so many little things about it that bugged me. I loved the principal of the overall design but that was all.
So I met with Luisa to see if she would take on redesigning my ring. After just a few minutes I was so confident in her ability to create something that I would love. Luisa ideas aligned so perfectly with what I had envisioned. The ring Luisa created is far beyond what I had ever expected possible. It is so perfect and I love that it has been crafted and designed with so much detail and thought. I now have a bespoke engagement ring to cherish as completely unique to me.
Luisa was an absolute pleasure to work with and I really couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Luisa thank you and I wish you every success.
Eva x

- Eva N.


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