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“Fine jewellery is so much more than a fashion accessory. It’s a magical moment frozen in time, a special sentiment, a personal touch to express your personality. Whether you’re on the school run, in business meetings or dining with friends, these treasures are for you and future generations to enjoy wherever the journey takes you.”

Luisa Verling was born and raised on the Irish coast in the enchanting leafy suburbs of Dublin. Being part of a big and boisterous artistic family, she loved to escape to the tranquility of the garden where she spent many halcyon days drawing, painting and marvelling at the tiny hidden details in the natural world around her.

It was during childhood that Luisa can vividly recall being mesmerised by her Nana’s old and well-worn gold wedding ring and how it served as a beautiful symbol of love, tradition and longevity. She vowed to one day create her own jewellery brand so that others could convey similar significant milestones in the same way, whether it’s a relationship, an achievement or even just a moment.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

“The most captivating aspect of making jewellery is knowing that I’m creating something that will outlive the wearer and tell their story to their children and grandchildren. It’s a quite humbling and deeply privileged position to be able to produce an heirloom that you know will be cherished for years to come.”

Following several years of training at the National College of Art and Design and Pforzheim’s Goldsmithing School in Germany, the Luisa Verling brand was launched in 2016. Luisa is quickly establishing herself as the go-to designer for people who appreciate the highest-quality craftsmanship and desire jewellery to be a reflection of who they truly are. She believes these timestamps deserve to be worn and journey through multiple lifetimes, acquiring more stories and sentimental value, which is why she pours her heart and soul into every piece. 

Luisa spends hours ensuring her jewellery is exquisitely constructed with the highest quality materials available, and packed with concealed details that reflect the personality of the wearer. She has even gained international recognition for her dazzling ability to fuse the old-worldly charm of antique-style settings with sleek and luxurious designs to set each piece apart from all others.

When she’s not creating, Luisa is the happiest at home in the garden with her two little girls, breathing in the fresh Irish air, making precious memories and finding new inspiration to incorporate into future designs.

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Artist's Studio

“It’s a highly personal and hugely rewarding experience to help someone create their perfect piece of jewellery. A sketchpad drawing is brought to life through age-old techniques and contemporary designs to tell a family’s story and pass on this heritage to future generations.”

Each Luisa Verling design is meticulously crafted in Luisa’s home studio. Situated by the seaside in Dublin Bay, it’s one of Luisa’s favourite places to be. The studio may be overflowing with sketchbooks, paints, treasured hammers and machinery, rows of metal files and tiny drill bits neatly arranged in wooden blocks, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. It has the character and charm that Luisa implements into every one of her designs with flair and finesse.

Luisa will always claim that her old oak workbench is the best seat in the house. Hours drift away while she perches there enthusiastically working on designs, with the radio tooting away in the background and her little pot of tea never too far from reach.

If you’re interested in working with Luisa, you’re welcome to visit the studio in the heart of Dublin Two’s Georgian Quarter. Alternatively, you can arrange a virtual meeting. Either way, it’s easy to get in touch via phone, email or even WhatsApp.

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