Bespoke Design

The Bespoke Process

“It sincerely matters to me that when a customer opens their jewellery box, they’re completely blown away by what I’ve made for them. Every detail has been so well-thought-out to develop a piece that is refined, captivating and uniquely represents the wearer.”

1. Get In Touch

You may be working with a blank canvas or have a specific style in mind. You could already own a ring or jewel that has been passed down through generations, or are looking for Luisa to source a diamond or coloured gemstone for you.

Either way, your dream design awaits, and the bespoke process begins with you reaching out through a call, email or even WhatsApp.

2. Discuss Requirements

Luisa takes the time to get to know your requirements and the person she’s designing for. What’s the occasion? What are their likes and dislikes? Are they left or right-handed?

For example, if the person is left-handed, Luisa will swap the position of a bracelet clasp so it’s easier to put on. Creating custom-made jewellery is a very personal and fun journey to go on with a fulfilling destination for both the designer and the customer.

You will have a say in every aspect of the creative process, from materials and stones to colours and shapes. Luisa will show you her sketches of the design from various angles to ensure that every detail is perfect.

3. Luisa Gets To Work

Once Luisa has fine-tuned your design, she begins the task of rolling and hammering the gold to turn your vision into fruition. This can take up to four weeks to complete so, in the meantime, Luisa will document the hand-making process and send you videos of how the piece is progressing.

When that final date for the engagement or big birthday arrives, you will be delighted with the end product. In fact, Luisa will be just as excited as you to surprise the recipient with elegant jewellery that will endure this lifetime and beyond.

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