Set up an initial consultation using our online booking form or give us a call on 0857084858. I’m always happy to kick start ideas with WhatsApp (very useful for sending images or a voice note)  or a good old fashioned email too. Contact us whatever way is easiest for you on 0857084858 or info@luisaverling.com

Appointments can be scheduled online. If there are no time slots shown online that work for you, please feel free to call or email us directly on 0857084858 or info@luisaverling.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Absolutely, we work with many clients remotely and conduct meetings via phone, Skype, Zoom, Go to Meeting, and more.

Depending on our demand, custom jewellery typically takes 4-6 weeks from initial design consultation to final product, so clients should book at least 6 weeks before they need a finished piece.

All of our jewellery is handcrafted with the utmost care & attention for detail and quality in my workshop here in Dublin, Ireland.

I work with all precious metals, such as platinum, palladium, 18karat or 750 purity gold in yellow, white or rose gold, 14karat gold & 9karat gold in your choice of yellow, white or rose. I often use sterling silver to make sample pieces in, but due to it’s softness I don’t recommend it for highly intricate designs. I can occasionally source non-precious metals such as titanium, cobalt or stainless steel elements to be incorporated into a design, but due to their extreme hardness these industrial metals don’t have the same malleability & hand working qualities of the precious metals.  

I love creating unique designs using gemstones from all of the world in every conceivable colour. I particularly love using coloured diamonds and coloured sapphires in my designs as their sparkle is utterly dazzling, and their durability means they will last many lifetimes of wear. For this reason I tend not to feature soft materials such as wood or leather or shells, which I know cannot stand the test of time in the same way as hard gemstones like sapphires & diamonds. When I design a piece for someone to wear, I like to feel confident that they are creating an heirloom that could be worn for many generations to come.

All diamonds, gems, and metals are hand selected based on your custom design. We use only diamonds and gemstones that meet our high standards of quality & only source diamonds and gemstones that I myself would want in my own designs.

In order to accommodate clients who value higher standards regarding the ethics and sustainability around stone sourcing, we source diamonds regulated by the Kimberley Process, however like most regulatory systems, the KP leaves room for ethical grey areas. To ensure social and environmental standards we offer options like Canadian diamonds and lab grown alternatives which are the most popular .

Absolutely! I love working with family heirlooms & creating a new lease of life for them. I can refine the gold or platinum from older pieces & feature this in your new design. Some of my own most special pieces were created using gold belonging to my grandmother & they are pieces I treasure every time I wear them. 

In addition to custom engagement rings, custom wedding bands, and other custom jewellery we also offer jewellery from our selected series of collections. 

Yes! We specialise in a very fine technique of hand engraving which can capture the most beautiful details. We can engrave your wedding rings or any piece of jewellery with a special date, name or even a little drawing or design. The only limit is your imagination! It’s important to note however that once a piece of jewellery has been engraved, it is not possible to exchange or edit the engraving, so be careful that you have the correct details before we begin. 

Quality is our highest priority and we stand behind the craftsmanship and integrity of our jewellery. We want our clients to be completely happy with their one-of-a-kind pieces, so we will do what it takes to achieve this goal. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we want to know! We provide a lifetime warranty against defects in craftsmanship. However, we charge a nominal fee for repairs due to normal wear and tear.

Our custom engagement rings typically start at €6,000. Many factors impact the price of custom jewellery such as gemstone preferences like type of stone, carat weight, cut and clarity. Additional price influences include metal type, overall dimensions of a piece, design complexity and detail, rarity of gemstones to be sourced, quantity of gemstones to be set, and more. There is no maximum to the price range of our custom jewellery, as we are proud to have access to some of the world’s finest gemstone and diamond specimens. Additionally, since we are a custom outfit, our design possibilities are endless. Financing is available.

We typically have two approaches to designing. We can design around what the client loves or around a budget. Our base starting point for custom fine jewelry is €2,000. We pride ourselves on guiding people with designs and corresponding metals, gemstones & diamonds that best suit their financial needs but that still provide a great value, both visually and in quality. Designing around what you love means that there isn’t a fixed budget, but rather a determined budget range for the general look and materials. Either way, design parameters are part of a conversation that we have at the initial design consultation.

Payments for custom jewellery are divided into two instalments which are taken via our online booking system. We require a fifty percent deposit to begin work on any custom pieces, with the balance due upon delivery.

Contact us to learn more about our financing options. 

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